The perfect Christian

“I grew up in a Christian family, and I’ve been Christian all my life.”

Isn’t that what most of us pastors kids say when asked about our testimony? 

I was told that I became a “Christian” when I was 6 years old. I had attended the “big service” (the service for the adults), and during the alter call, I asked my dad what it was for. He later explained it to me, and he asked if I wanted to receive Jesus as my Lord and Savior. I said yes, and from that day on I was a “Christian”.

I was discipled when I was 13 years old by Varsha. I went to Victory Weekend and was baptised around that same time with my best friends Bea and Erika.


Victory Weekend back in 2005 with my first Victory Group under Varsha

If “Christian” meant someone that was relatively good compared to others, someone that went to church and  gave their tithes regularly, someone that didn’t curse, smoke or drink alcohol, then I was the perfect Christian.

But then my Christianity ended there. I didn’t really have any desire to pursue a relationship with God or even share the gospel to others. I was okay with who I was. 

It was in college when I finally figured out what the gospel was all about and how important it was to share the good news to others.

“When was the last time you cried out to God for your college?” my dad asked the eleven thousand students that attended the 2011 Ignite Conference. 

I was there too, and it really got me thinking. When was the last time I cried out to God for the University of the Philippines? When was the last time I prayed for people to be saved?

I couldn’t remain apathetic anymore. There was a great mission, to share the good news of Jesus’ love to everyone, and I wanted to be a part of it.

Romans 10:1 (MSG)
Believe me, friends, all I want for Israel is what’s best for Israel: salvation, nothing less. I want it with all my heart and pray to God for it all the time.

I wanted to have Paul’s heart for the Romans. He wanted them to have salvation WITH ALL HIS HEART. And he didn’t stop there, he prayed for their salvation ALL THE TIME. He never gave up on them.

I am grateful for all the people that never gave up on me. I’d like to take this time to honor Ate Eva.

Ate Eva, Ignite 2011

Ate Eva praying for the youth in Ignite 2011

She never stopped running after me during my first two years in college (2010-2012). Even if I would hide from her and not reply to her texts, she still persisted. It wasn’t until school year 2011-2012 that I actually responded and joined LifeBox UPD and LifeBox QC.

During our Xtraordinary Youth Camp in 2012. I had just joined the music team.

With Kuya Glenn, my dad, and Ate Eva (L-R) during our Xtraordinary Youth Camp in 2012. I had just joined the music team.

Thank you for discipling me Ate Eva! Thank you for never giving up on me! Thank you for investing your life and your time in me! I know that God is using you in amazing ways in your season now. You have made such an impact in my life.

To everyone else out there reaching out to others, do not give up on the people that you are praying for and discipling. Keep at it! You do not know how much you are actually impacting their lives! 

I realized that if I truly call myself a Christian, then I must stop just looking to myself and my own needs. I must have the heart of Christ, a heart for the lost, a heart overflowing with passionate love for the harassed and helpless, no matter how frustrating it may be.

Romans 5:8 (NLT)
But God showed his great love for us by sending Christ to die for us while we were still sinners.

JESUS Himself never gave up on us. And He loved us even when we didn’t love Him back. Imagine how much He loves the people around us as well! How can we stand by and stay silent?

– – –

This blog post is part of Victory Philippines’ media movement to encourage its church members to revisit its core values. This week’s topic is EVANGELISM#MyVictoryStory #radicalsince1984 #evangelism
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