Why You Should Not Be Offended Even When You Already Are

One of the best blogs I’ve read in a while!




            The wrong choice is always the easiest to make.


            It’s always so easy to see the bad in people – to judge others, to scrutinize what they do, to hurt them into making them do what we want them to. What is rather not easy? Well, taking in the fact that people other than ourselves are fighting their own battles as well; grabbing a different set of lens before we allow words to escape our mouths; fully comprehending that our tiniest actions creates ripples in the ocean of the universe; and being cautious in the fact that the most casually spoken words may stir waves of unwanted emotions in another person’s heart.


            It is not a mystery at all why humans offend each other. In the science of speech production, it is known that a handful of processes already happen in the brain before a single response lets go…

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