Take Charge

Curl up your five fingers, aim, then punch with all your might. Use the force of your whole body! Come, try it on me. Hit my stomach.”

That’s how I learned how to do the “five-fold ministry”, and my teacher was none other than my dad.


Throughout my life, my dad has taught me so many things, from riding a bike around our small compound to manoeuvring through the busy streets of Manila in a car. But what I learned most from him was about being a leader.

Here are just some other things he taught me:

You are a leader.

All my life my dad would always remind me of this. It has been ingrained in my brain throughout all these years.

That’s why, even when I was younger, I would always volunteer to be the leader of the group. It wasn’t because I was arrogant, or proud. I just had the initiative to step up, because I knew that God called me to be a leader. And cause my dad always reminded me of it.

Do not allow any guy to touch you or treat you inappropriately.

Hence the “five-fold ministry”.

He taught me to value my body, and to not let anyone mistreat me because I am God’s child. I’m also his only daughter, so go figures…

Studies first. 

Studies should always go first before my other activities, including ministry.

We would always fight about this because I’m more inclined to prioritize ministry work because it’s something I’m very passionate about. But then he would remind me of my season as a student, and my responsibility to be excellent. I’ll have more time for ministry when I graduate anyway, he said (wink wink).

Do not borrow money. 

And if it’s completely unavoidable, pay it back right away.

Instead, he taught me to be the one to lend money, and to not even expect them to pay me back at all. It is more blessed to give than to receive.

Take charge.

He would always say this to me in the morning just before dropping me off at school, instead of “take care!”

This would never fail to boost my self esteem. Especially when I was younger, I would feel as if I was just asked to be responsible for something very important. It felt good to be trusted with something.


That is why I am the person I am today.

Thank you, dad for everything you’ve taught me. Thank you for inspiring me to take charge and step up as a leader. When I grow up, I want to be just like you 🙂

– – –

This blog post is part of Victory Philippines’ media movement to encourage its church members to revisit its core values. This week’s topic is LEADERSHIP#MyVictoryStory #radicalsince1984 #leadership
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